Occasionally in the fall, Nautydog Kennels hosts a dog training seminar with Rick Smith from Smith Kennels and Training. You can find that info at HuntSmith.Com or by contacting Nautydog Kennels.

Intermediate Seminar - Lovelock, NV - September 21-23, 2019

To register for this course, please call the host Tim Ricketts at 775-843-7811.

Intermediate Seminar
Date: September 21-23, 2019
Price: $795.00/Person
Rick, Instructor
Spend the weekend with Rick learning about the nature of bird dogs and how to train them successfully. Rick is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bird dogs and he is easy to talk with which makes him a great mentor! During this seminar Rick will walk you through the first stage of training your bird dog, the Foundation Level.
Hands on training will begin at 8:00 Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the seminar Rick will go over the Foundation Level of training in depth and get you going through the steps with your dog. You will work on bird introductions, checkcording to birds, pointing, honoring, recalling, heeling, and general behavior issues. Rick will teach you to start reading your dog's behavior and help you to understand what your dog is truly feeling. Seminar sessions will adjourn at 4:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding this seminar, don't hesitate to contact the seminar host.
***Special note from the host: There will be a meet and greet on Friday @5 pm with dinner for $15 and seminar Saturday, Sunday & Monday. There will be Rv parking available. Also serving lunches for $8.00 and dinners for $15.00. Contact the host directly for more information.***
To Register for this course, you must contact the host at the contact information below:

Tim Ricketts nautydogkennels@gmail.com

Location & Host

Nauty Dog Kennels
1000 Fairview Rd
Lovelock, NV 89419 (Map It) Contact: Tim Ricketts
Email: nautydogkennels@gmail.com
Phone: 775-843-7811
Website: www.nautydogkennels.com
Name: Rick
Email: huntsmithrick@yahoo.com
Phone: 804-784-3882
YOU CAN BRING YOUR KID FOR FREE! (ages 10-16). This is a perfect opportunity to get your kid involved in the outdoors, get your kid interested in dogs, AND build the right foundation for training dogs for the rest of their lives.

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